World’s most dangerous road bike tour

As one of the most popular attractions in all of Bolivia, this tour is not for the faint of heart! Test your cycling skills and your nerves on this 60 km. downhill thrill-ride on the World's Most Dangerous Road! The North Yungas road in Bolivia's sub-tropic Yungas region is notorious for being the most treacherous stretch of road in the world as threats of landslides and the 1000 meter cliff faces pose serious danger while traveling its slick and rocky path.


  • Take in the beauty of the mountains and deep valleys of Bolivia’s Los Yungas region
  • Enjoy a downhill, adrenaline-packed dangerous ride down this infamous road
  • Enjoy a cold beer at the end of the adventure to calm your nerves

Before departure, you will meet with your guide to go over safety regulations, the route and the gear that you will be using. Make sure to pay close attention and ask any questions you may have as this is a very dangerous tour, and a very dangerous road. The guide will cover all the necessary information, and will gladly answer any and all of your questions.

Meeting at Cafe Alexander (El Prado Avenue, in front of Maria Auxiliadora Church) at 7:30, we will connect with Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking tours. With our bikes strapped to the top of a private bus, we head north towards La Cumbre (4,650 m. above sea level) in Los Yungas to prepare for our downhill adventure. You will be given protective riding suits, gloves, a helmet and a reliable mountain bike upon arrival (be sure to bring comfortable and secure shoes for the trip!). The guide will go over a few last details before we embark down the world's most dangerous road!

WMDR 1Mount your bike and speed downhill with a sheer cliff face on one side, dodging passing vehicles and skidding your way around the twisted road. Common cloud cover and the occasional rainfall make this perilous journey even more hazardous as the dirt road becomes slippery and visibility can quickly diminish. Staying alert and remembering the valuable information explained by your guide is ideal to ensure a safe passage. A stop will be made during the journey, allowing the travelers to snap some truly beautiful pictures of the surrounding mountain peaks, deep valleys and lush vegetation.

Dropping down to 1,700 m. above sea level, we pass coca plantations, grazing llamas and alpacas accompanied by their herders as well as vast stretches of mountain grasslands. The beauty of the region can certainly be distracting, so be careful not to lose your concentration on this harrowing Andean pass.

At the end of the journey, we will enjoy a well-deserved cold beer - calming the nerves and celebrating our accomplishment of surviving the most dangerous road in the world. We then pack up the gear and head back to La Paz where the tour will end at Café Alexander with a buffet lunch. As a reward for your achievements, you will be given a Gravity T-shirt recognizing your triumph and survival of the dangerous adventure.

  • Mountain Bike (KONA)
  • Transportation to the mountain
  • Protective gloves
  • Helmet
  • Bilingual (Spanish-English) guide
  • Water
  • Snacks (sandwich, banana or chocolate)
  • A cold beer at the end of the tour
  • Buffet lunch
  • Ask for price T-shirt
  • Transportation from Coroico back to La Paz
24 Bs. (approximately 3 US dollars) for an entrance pass through Coroico (paid at Unvuavi).
Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that won't come off during the ride, wear warm/waterproof layers.
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World’s most dangerous road bike tour


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