Potosí mine tour

Our Potosi mine tour offers visitors a chance to step into the 16th century, when the region’s silver made Potosi the wealthiest city in the world. The tour visits an abandoned mine in a mountainside near Potosi. Today, the wealth of Potosi has dried up with the silver, but the history lingers in the famed mines.


  • Venture down narrow passages and down several levels of a Potosi silver mine led by a local guide
  • Discover what conditions were like in a Potosi silver mine at the height of the Spanish empire
  • Meet local miners and hear their story of life in the mines
At the entrance to the mine, you will be given protective gear and join the thousands of miners who enter the maze of tunnels every day.

After a short, crouched walk, dodging wooden supports and low hanging rocks, the Potosi mine tour will arrive at the altar of El Tio. Here, devout miners pray for safety and make offerings to the small statues, which are found near the entrance of every mine.

Maneuver through tight tunnels and narrow passageways as you descend through the mine, dodging ore carts as they pass by. Remember to be careful during a Potosi mine tour since these are working mines and there are obvious risks involved with touring.

Local miners will stop to chat. Most minors are very proud of their work and are happy to share stories of the mine.

The Potosi mine tour lasts about two hours. Once the tour has returned to the center of the city, private transportation and buses are available from Potosi to Uyuni or back to Sucre from Potosi.

  • Bilingual tour guide (Spanish- English)
  • Protective gear
  • Transportation to and from the mine
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Potosí mine tour


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