Potosí City Tour

Visit the most importants attractions of Potosí, the Mint, Cobija Arch, San Lorenzo Church, Central Market, San Francisco viewpoint, Main square, La Merced Church, Compañia de Jesús Tower.

At 4,090 meters, the colonial city of Potosi is one of the highest cities in the world. Because it is only three hours from Potosi to Uyuni, the city is a frequent stop for travelers on their way to Uyuni from La Paz or Sucre. We offer Potosi city tours for travelers arriving in Potosi in the afternoon.


  • Stroll through the twisting streets and uncover the wealthy past of Potosi
  • Wonder at the city’s elaborate and intricate architecture
  • Tour Bolivia’s original mint at the Casa de la Moneda in one of the highest cities in the world
  • Try a bowl of k’alaphurka, a Potosino specialty, heated with volcanic rock
Our Potosi tour visits a several attractions in Potosi, all of which are a short distance from the city’s central plaza, including the city’s cathedral and colonial mansions.

Near the central plaza, visitors visit Bolivia’s original mint, the Casa de la Moneda. Now a museum, the mint offers a fascinating look into how silver from the region’s many mines was pressed into coins and medallions. The museum also has a great collection of paintings and artifacts from several generations of Potosi artists.

We visit the Church of San Francisco, with views across the entire city, and then admire the intricate, pressed stone architecture as you stroll through the narrow streets to the church of San Lorenzo.

From San Lorenzo, we head to the central market, where a Potosi tour isn’t complete before you try a bowl of k’alaphurka, a Potosino specialty, at the local favorite Doña Eugenia’s. A typical breakfast meal, the bubbling K’alaphurka soup consists of corn, bacon and local vegetables warmed with heated stones.

Finally, we visit the Covenant de Santa Teresa. For centuries, Potosi’s wealthiest families would send their daughters to the sisterhood of nuns. Families would then drop off extravagant gifts of jewelry, paintings and furniture to Santa Teresa, which are on display at the Convent’s museum.

An additional half-day tour is available for travelers wishing to visit the region’s infamous silver mines. The mines feature dark, narrow tunnels and the altitude can be challenging for some travelers, but for travelers with the wherewithal to handle the low oxygen, the mountaintop mines make an incredible trip.

  • Bilingual tour guide (Spanish- English)
  • Private transportation
  • Casa de la Moneda entrance fee. (The Mint Is Closed On Mondays)
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Potosí City Tour


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