Dinosaurs footprints

In 1998, the capital’s population witnessed important paleontological findings for the upper Cretaceous, 65 to 68 million years, the impressions left by species of dinosaurs of that time are located on the cliff Cal Orck’o, owned by the factory domestic cement (FANCESA) located at 4.4 km to the northeast of the city of Sucre.

Cal Orck’o is the largest site of dinosaur footprints in the world, the layers containing the footprints is located in the cliff El Molino. Cal Orck’o is the most spectacular site of its kind. It’s the only site that concentrates the footsteps of a wide variety of dinosaurs that lived at the ending of the Cretaceous period.
Around 5055 individual dinosaur tracks at least 8 species and 462 trails are combined in a continuous cliff.
Cretaceous Park is located 300 meters from the cliff of dinosaur footprints Cal Orck’o, the Cretaceous Park is the unique resort that offers the possibility to meet the actors in the paleontological heritage in one of the most authentic natural scenes in Bolivia.

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Dinosaurs footprints


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