We are an incoming tour operator specialized in cultural and nature tourism in the Bolivian Andes.

Our Buses

Our own fleet of buses and wagons are comfortable and safe: 2 Ford Transit 2016 for 12, 2 minivans 2016 for 9, 1 executive Volare 2012 for 21, 1 double cabpickup 4x4 for 3

Own services

We own services in the Uyuni salt lake, Lake Titicaca and the city of La Paz. We have reliable tourism operators throughout Bolivia for the operation of your travels.


A selection of hotels and excellent restaurants throughout Bolivia including the three Andean Rosario hotels with exquisite andean decor and Terradentro restaurants. The best complementary options to get everything included in the trip , from transfers to attractions tickets.

Destinations in Bolivia

La Paz with Illimani - OGD

La Paz

A haunted town full of nooks that challenge be explored by visitors, has breathtaking landscapes and streets, where converge the andean cultures, full of history, mysticism and vivacity. Admire it from the air, in its cable car is impressive and meet by walking is a unique opportunity to discover its contrasts and secrets intensely watched by the Illimani, its’ snowy mountain. La Paz is a wonderful urban, its inhabitants affirms, and its visitors confirms.

Lake Titicaca and Copacabana

The majestic Lake Titicaca and the spiritual Copacabana become in an endless magical colors that attract visitors all times of the day. Copacabana since millennia welcomes pilgrims, before sun worshipers and now devotees of the Virgin of Copacabana. A ceremonial and sacred place where ancient and modern cultures converge and melt, thus attracting their visitors.

Salar de Uyuni

Take a picture within the vastness of the world's largest salt lake is something impressive and unique, creating hundreds of surreal effects. Only a salt flat that becomes a giant mirror can create in the visitors the most unforgettable experiences. This majestic salt flat has 10 billion tons of salt, and when this salt desert overwhelms its visitors the Fish Island appears in the distance, an oasis that brings you back to life.

Rurrenabaque - Caracoles port


Enter into the rainforest where dense vegetation covers its visitors and its beautiful Amazonic rivers swing as a cradle is amazing. Madidi its the National Park with most biodiversity in the world, in fauna and flora is a must visit to see, breathe and know the forest and its life in genuinely way.

The Mint - Potosí

Sucre and Potosí

The cities of Sucre and Potosi conserved within its colonial and republican buildings the history of Bolivia, Sucre with their friendly and loving people await visitors in a serene city. Potosi locks up the mystery of the metal, the silver, whose legends have transcended the world.

Santa Cruz - Misiones Jesuitas

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s most progressive, modern, fast growing and powerful city is capital of the country’s natural gas and soy bean industries. Its main attractions are Carnival, the September International Fair and, the Inca fortress of Samaipata, the Jesuit Missions and Noel Kempff and Amboró National Parks.

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